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It never tasted so good to stay calm

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    When you think of summer, snow cones are one of the few things that come to mind right along with swimming and insufferable heat.

    The chilled treat has become a staple of the season and with daily highs reaching up to the hundreds, citizens need their fix. So it’s no surprise that snow cone stands have customers up to their noses, especially the stand right off of Main Street.

    Snoasis snow cones are not new to Ada. Travis Rhyne and his family originally brought the Snoasis brand to the community and while the stand has switched owners briefly, Rhyne and his family have run the stand since 2016.

    Snoasis has more than just the stand on Main Street, they also have one on Arlington right behind the Arlington Shopping Center. Both locations have seen their fair share of business since summer started.

    Kaya Stallcup, who has worked for Snoasis for three years, says that business was booming when they finally opened up for the summer. “At the beginning we were really busy,” Stallcup said, “but it’s starting to slow down now.”

    According to Stallcup and Kassidy Keeney at the Snoasis stand on Arlington, their “Margarita” snow cone has been the best seller this season at both stands.

    “A lot of people say that our margaritas taste like real margaritas so that’s why they like them,” Keeney told us why the “Margarita” is so popular in the community.

    Both Keeney and Stallcup said they enjoyed working at Snoasis. Keeney told us that her favorite part of the job was the wacky flavor combinations she gets to make.

    “Silver Fox and Pickle Juice, that was the first weird one I got,” Keeney said.

    Snoasis’ manager Cara Stroud also said that she loved working at the stand, but it’s not the snow cones that won her over, it was the owners. Stroud told us that working with Rhyne and his family has been great and is one of her favorite parts of the job.

    “Honestly, the flexibility of the job and the understanding of them as people…just really being able to work around anyone’s schedule,” Stroud explained.

    With good management and good snow cones, Snoasis has really made a lasting impression on the community. So keep cool while you still can, after all I believe that the summer heat is only bearable if you have a snow cone in your hand.


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