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A scooter rider is shockingly collected by a Tesla following a sharp turn

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    • Tesla made sudden left-hand turn and hit scooter
    • READ MORE: Who's in the wrong in this crash?

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    A Tesla driver has sent a moped rider flying after suddenly making a left-hand turn while nearby construction workers watched on. 

    Shocking dashcam footage caught the moment the driver of the grey Tesla cut off the rider of a white scooter on Commercial Street in Footscray, Melbourne, on Monday. 

    The driver flicked on their indicator mere moments before abruptly jutting out of the right-hand lane, instantly collecting the scooter and its rider. 

    Dashcam footage caught the moment a grey Tesla collected a white scooter in Footscray, Melbourne, on Monday

    The driver of the scooter was helped off the ground by two female construction workers as the Tesla driver remained in their vehicle

    Two construction workers who had been standing under a nearby tree rushed over to check on the scooter rider while the Tesla driver remained in their car.

    The car immediately behind the scooter also stopped while the rider was pulled from the ground.

    Their dashcam footage was uploaded to the Dashcam Owners Australia page where users asked how the car could have not noticed the scooter. 

    'I thought Teslas have all the sensors you can get, especially blind spot protection,' one person wrote. 

    'Turning left from the right lane without doing a head-check is always a bold strategy,' a second added. 


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