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How to Get Gulpin and Swalot in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Gulpin and Swalot are two of several Pokemon Violet exclusives, including Misdreavus, Dragapult, Eiscue, and all the future Paradox Pokemon. The two pure Poison-type Pokemon from Gen 3 are some of the best Poison types in the game, and their pure Poison-typing makes them especially effective against Grass-type Pokemon and the Grass Gym in Artazon. Swalot may not be the best competitively, but it can serve a player well throughout the story of the game. Here's how to get Gulpin and Swalot in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How To Get Gulpin In Pokemon Violet

pokemon scarlet violet location gulpin

Gulpin is found in limited areas in the game, though it may not seem so to Pokemon Violet players, as it spawns in the area outside the gates of the school. This area is heavily populated with Gulpin, making the game seem saturated with them. This makes them a great option for early-game play, as they can be found and leveled very quickly. Gulpin can be found in the following areas of the game:

  • South Province (Area Three)
  • East Province (Area One)

How To Evolve Gulpin In Pokemon Violet

Pokemon Fan Makes Regional Variants for Gulpin and Swalot

Gulpin evolves in Swalot at Level 26 with no further evolution requirements. Players can Level Gulpin up using the EXP Share feature in battle, or with Rare Candies and EXP Candies found in raids, on the ground, or given by NPCS.

How To Get Swalot In Pokemon Violet

pokemon scarlet violet location swalot

Swalot can only be found in one area of the game, though, like its pre-evolution, it dominates that area. Its Pokedex habitat entry even references it! It does not require any specific weather condition or time of day to spawn:

  • Casseroya Lake

How To Get Gulpin & Swalot in Pokemon Scarlet

pokemon scarlet violet trade

As Gulpin and Swalot are Violet exclusives, Pokemon Scarlet players will need to trade in order to complete the Pokedex. There are established trade codes for each version exclusive. Alternatively, players can use Union Circle to access each other's games and version exclusives without trading.

Swalot also appears in four-star Tera raids. It will not appear in the raid dens of Pokemon Scarlet players, but it can be found by searching for available dens using the game's online feature.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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